November 15, 2004 03:03 | Confession / Culture

On Levendis

Few people have ever asked me what "levendis" means. Fewer still ever asked why I chose it for, amongst other things, my main Internet domain name.

I came across the word Levendis in a short story by one Harlan Ellison, published in Omni magazine back in 1992. It is a short story in 3 parts, written in a journal entry format. Ellison is an apparently well known science fiction writer of sorts. I was never really into sci-fi, but this story somehow spoke to me at the time.

It continues to revisit me regularly, on many levels and in many ways. The word and it's etymology and possible meanings. The story, it's format, what it says.

This evening, over ten years after first reading it, on a lark, I googled for it... and low an behold... the integral text.

It is cryptic, it is strange. There are parts that are not so good... but it will give you an insight into my world. I have much to say about Levendis.

My favorite "interpretation" of the ancient greek word "levendis" is "one who loves life".

"The Man Who Rowed Christopher Columbus Ashore"
Harlan Ellison


I'm also curious about "bopuc". :)

And for the record Boris name is "Boris Levendis" :)

and for the name "Anthony" .... spill ... spill ... spill...

bopuc, or more precisely Bopuc (or even 6opuc), is "Boris" written using roman characters to resemble Boris written in cyrillic characters:


Anthony is one of my middle names.

Anthony is one of my middle names.

Along with "the blade" and "the bullet-dodger"?


There's another guy who liked that word, his story is here -


I just figured it was a last name. Hmmm, I hope nobody thought Waglo was mine...

i found this when i googled for a free text of it. i do own it, but want to spread the word! i love this story!

Levendis is from the Greek, which you probably know by now. It is a multifaceted word meaning primarily "to elevate,to raise," and Harlan Ellison meant to illustrate that raising consciousness is a double-edged sword that slices many ways. I have the word tattooed on my left bicep. I applaud your use of it.