November 19, 2004 20:57 | Bits

Inexplicable mushy thought of the day.

The greater your fear of losing me
the tighter you hold on to me
the more forcefully I will implore you
to let go.

Hold me as if we are never to be apart
so that we may never be.

Gah! My apologies to the world for posting such malformed tripe.


I hear there's an opening at Hallmark... ;)

No apologies necessary. Always a pleasure to read other people's thoughts and opinions.

Besides, I just posted worse than that... :(

Heh, merci Eve. But this was a terribly ill-advised splurge of uncontextual pablum. In all honesty it was the embryo of a shout at the world, fertilized by an imaginary conversation with someone I miss terribly.

I must go hunt for your URL to see what you could possibly call worse... ;)

Too bad the canadian government has already named its new poet laureate.

Ha. Ha. Ha. :p~