November 29, 2004 04:37 | Confession

Can't... sleep...

It is 4:30am, again. I am exhausted. Barely slept last night; late night partying and early start this morning playing tech support. The most relaxing part of my day today was playing ambulance for Karl when the call, er.. Instant Message, came in that he'd cut himself badly and needed to visit the Emergency room...

Anyways, so i already know not to drink coffee after the sun goes down, which is like 4pm nowadays (aaaaaaaargh), but I pulled an even bigger bonehead move when trying to hit the sack earlier tonight: I read.

BIG mistake. Reading doesn't put me to sleep, reading puts me in hyper overdrive. (I should try reading some innocuous fiction instead of rabble rousing theories of interconnected intelligence... fneh.)

So I leapt out of bed at 3:30am, head abuzz with all sorts of zany ideas in need of being put down, but by the time I had my tea ready and the notebook out on the couch... it was all gone. Cause I am just too damn tired... not to mention my memory and concentration are shot generally anyways.

I'm too tired to be disappointed with myself. :p
Good night.


We are just computer freaks or just at the edge of new usages. :)

Questions since yesterday:

Her: Boris was with you at home ?
Me: No, I send him a message on ichat when he appeared online.
Her: .....

Her: He took a picture with his phone when you are the emergency? strange.
Me: Well... you know bloggers. :) He took a pic with his camera phone and sent it to internet directly.
Me: I know we are just computer freaks.
Her: :)

And in the series of geeks... I just called my mother this morning to not worry her, because I was sure, she will discover the pic without too much context and like she doesn't read english but check every Web sites which talk about her beloved son :p She's really geekier than I am. ;)

fun fun fun....

(Ouch Ouch Ouch)

What book are you reading?

So will you be treating us to some of those "rousing theories of interconnected intelligence" in future blog entries?

Karl : waiting for the ghastly details ;)

"The Architecture of Intelligence" by Derrick DeKerckhove

Karl: hehehe :)
It was not so bad an emergency that we were out of our minds with anxiety or anything... taking the picture we were both laughing. :)