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Hexstatic - "Apache"

Worst... music video... evaaar... hehehehee



so bad

brain hurts...

Can you imagine pitching that concept to the band?

Dude... post a new entry, and fast.

It's painful to come to your homepage and see that picture first thing at the top.

Tangent alert!

Back in the late 90's I ran across a great web article titled "The 50 Most Influential Records of All Time." Specifically it was the 50 most influential on dance music. Number one was The Beatles' "Tommorow Never Knows" with this commentary:

"Every idea ever used in dance music exists in this song. The first track recorded for the epochal Revolver L.P., Tomorrow Never Knows (the title lifted from the Tibetan Book of the Dead) was an acid-soaked masterpiece of prime psychedelia."

Number four was Incredible Bongo Band's version of Apache:

Improbable as it may seem, it's this record, a cover of an old track by Cliff Richard's backing band The Shadows, by a cheesy West Indian percussion and brass combo, that Afrika Bambaataa once described as the "ultimate hip hop record". It all, as is so often the case, revolves around the break. Somewhere in the midst of the clattering pots-and-pans bongo duel, magic happens - a magic that producers in jungle, in hip hop, house, big beat and any sample-based music acknowledges as the lodestone of any good breaks collection. You might not know the original, but you'd know the beat. The real ultimate break and beat.

Since it was the euphoric early days of Napster and Gnutella I gathered probably 40 of the 50 tracks listed within a few days, Apache being one of my favs from the lot!

The original web article disappeared, but I have preserved it here: clicky clicky

4- John Poisson

What's the appropriate drug to consume while watching this, cuz sober it just makes me want to gouge my eyes out.

That video is so bad that my nose started to bleed while watching it!

Very funny! I'm seeing this video all the time! They are so funny!

Horrendously, horribly, gay.