December 16, 2004 03:51 | Culture

Quick thought on copyright

Posted this comment chez Joi:

Copyright is a product of egotism and greed.
It is of the utmost arrogance to think that we own anything, let alone something so abstract and fleeting as "an idea".
Copyright was created because the socioeconomic model that forced it into existence made no other provisions for the sustenance of the artist and thinker. The legal entities known as "corporations" piggybacked on it and now control it outright. Corporations control culture, the product of art and ideas, to influence the markets they reap financial benefit from.

The moment you externalize any thought, in whatever shape you do so, you are sharing. You relinquish any and all "ownership". No, that is not a legal precept. It is a philosophical one. The philosophers always win. Always. ;)


My response is on my blog (linked above).

Hey boris. I just wanted to play with this and I thought this entry was apropriate because you're doing the same thing manually. Hope it's okay.