January 5, 2005 18:37 | Bits / Confession

I dropped it off

I dropped off my car at the VW dealership.
(The passenger side window dropped into the door again and my mechanic said I might as well go to the dealer. This apparently is a VERY common problem for Mark V VW Golf and Jettas. If you own either of these, never open your windows when it is very cold. The mechanism just snaps.)

I dropped it off and I bundled up; minus 20°C out there.
I dropped it off and began the long walk home; about 15 blocks to go.
I dropped it off and immediately relaxed and thought clearly of what I needed to do today.
I dropped it off and took an hour and a half for a thirty minute walk.
I dropped it off and enjoyed St-Hubert, Mont-Royal and St-Denis streets; for the first time in a long time.

I dropped it off... and I wish I didn't ever have to pick it up again.


That happened to my Jetta last summer, so I don't know if it's even related to the cold. I don't think they charged us to fix it at least - it was on warranty AFAIK.

I always go to the dealer now - Popular. I was very wary of going there, but they've been amazing. Other than regular service fees I don't think I've had to pay for anything more than a lightbulb. If anything they charge me too little, overall. Very pro, and they give the car back washed. Nice little perq.

about time, you wannabe hippie you!

What really happened:

You dropped it off, called a cab, stopped by at a Starbucks on the way home, drank a hot mocha, lazied around a bit, then walked half a block back to your apartment, took off you 7 layers of sweaters and long underpants and dropped down in front of 1 of the 4 heaters in your living room.

Michael: Apparently what weakens the clamp that holds the window in place is trying to force the window down, like in the middle of winter when it's frozen in place. After that, it can just fail anytime. The first time it happened to me was also in the summer. Of course, the VW dealer in Laval didn't tell me why it happened, otherwise I wouldn't have tried opening my window the other day with the 1/8th of an inch of ice on it... ;)

Nika: fighting words... ;)

Ado: :p

VW are fun to drive but they are crap when it comes to that sort of things...

The window thing has been a common pb for more than a decade, on many models and makes...

Personnaly, I have the freezing doors... When it's humid and cold, sometimes I cannot close the door. it does not lock. I have to play with it for half an hour sometimes. I had cary a bike tire (internal tube) with me to keep it closed...

I found a silicon lubricant that seems to do the job.