January 13, 2005 07:19 | Travel



I am at Jim and Yuka's ultra awesome apartment, gonna wash up and head out to Harajuku to hook up with Gen, on who's couch I will spend the first night. (Thanks to all three of you!!!)

Damn it feels nice to be here. So good. :)

Update (next morning):
Following a shipping SNAFU, I am sans keitai. Thanks for trying John! But you're right it's probably easier to just get a new one. Already have my eye on the model... ;)
Moblogging shall resume momentarily, en force.


Totally tubular!

Keep us posted, and have a smashing time! :D

I don't understand from your post what these tags "do"- and I've been using technocrati for months...

PS- loved the post on your trip!! sounds amazing!!

and I've managed to select the wrong comment field-- i am totally web challenged, it seems.


Hah, Jeff! Must be all that ... speed... ;)

I guess part of the point of my post was that I haven't gotten around to "getting it" myself. And there is some behind the scenes bickering about how Technorati doesn't get it either but eh... that's something I rather not get involved with... ;)