January 13, 2005 21:04 | WebBlogging

Technorati ties the tags togther...

Technorati: Tag: bopuc

What's all this then? This page shows all kinds of goodies from the web about bopuc. The posts come from you! Just post a link to your blog about bopuc and include a link to this page with rel="tag" in the href (more info). The photos come from Flickr and the links come from Del.icio.us.

(Slightly disconcerting...)

I was just shown this Technorati functionality by (we were discussing 's already extensive del.icio.us support). I haven't wrapped my head around this technorati tags thing yet, but it seems rather neato. Especially UI wise... Must figure it out... I had been thinking about how Technorati may jump into this... hrm, and blog enablers... (Thinking: local tag management...)

Michael, Seb, you may find this interesting.


I like this one: http://www.technorati.com/tags/ilesansfil

I wonder if people will use this (ie: start tagging their posts). It would help if I could get a view of only the posts from _my_ blog tagged "Ilesansfil". That's why delicious works so well. First, it solves an individual's problem (managing and accessing bookmarks over serveral computers). Secondly, it gives other possibilities (sharing and viewing others). I don't see this having the first.

So far I haven't been impressed with Technorati.

Sure it uses RSS feeds to link blog entries together, not much more helpful and certainly not as complete as a link:mydomain.com/blog/ on Google. It gives redundant results (like me linking to myself, what the..?), plus in my experience it's damn slow (I always get a "Searching the World Live Web" for about a minute).

The tags seem like another slightly too twisted idea. Like everyone linking to Technorati from their posts, all I can think of as a consequence (good or bad) is messing up Google's PageRank and soon any keyword will show up Technorati as #1 (not likely, but still).
Then again, asking people to put these tag links in their posts is just crazy. And poor Joe who doesn't ping Technorati isn't likely to show up in there for a while. Simply index everything smartly yourself and offer the service, and then I may applaud.

If Google can pick up news keywords without a human, why can't Technorati do the same for blogs?
What we need is Google Blogs.

Forgive my negativity, but I just really don't get all the hype.
The above may make me sound all pro-Google, which I'm not either, but they do search right.

Another thing, these tag links are Technorati-centered. If we're going to tag up our blogs, why not develop a non-centered, free standard that will be to everyone's advantage? Like RSS/Atom, trackback, etc. Technorati tags isn't where we/they should be heading.