February 2, 2005 11:49 | Travel

Fuji zan

Dsc 3188-B

Coming around from Akihabara on the JR Yamanote line this evening, I would catch little glimpses of a sky that could only be produced by a glorious sunset. Having just passed Ebisu, the rail line was now deep in a trench and all I could see were these golden fringed little clouds, and a few glints off of office tower windows.

I stood at the window, camera aimed, thinking "Damnit, c'mon! Gimme a view!"

Pulling into Meguro, I wondered where I could get to, right now, to actually get some horizon.

Then I remembered.

The doors were closing as I exclaimed "Sumi masen!" and pushed my way through the other passengers and dashed out onto the platform, up the stairs, through the gates. "Baka gaijin" they must've thought.

I ran the whole half a kilometer to that one spot I knew I could get a sunset shot of Mount Fuji from.


Hey man, nice shot

Ah, the madness of a true photographer begins to shine through.

it's fuji san not fuji zan!

wonderful story.

Yuki, except if you have a german accent. It becomes zan ;)
It was made on purpose :)