February 9, 2005 15:56 | Travel

Vancouver arrival

I am sitting on my suitcase outside Aaron's apartment building waiting for him to debug something and come let me in... ;)

Vancouver - Soli's view

Canada Customs don't like webdesigners who stay in Tokyo for a month “for fun”. Makes them suspicious. Unpacked me to check for drugs and let me go. Fools. ;)


You should've said for "inspiration" :)

That woulda been a free "pass inspection, go directly to cavity search" I bet...

"Prcchht.. yeah Bob? We have a fruity loop... yeah.. get the gloves... Prcchht..."


I have to say though, I haven't found Canadian customs to be that bad :) Apparently you can bring in any kind of meat so long as it's not beef ...


I have to disagree. I can certify that cow are going through canadian borders.


just linked from kissui.net...and the image i first see is the lovely view of eng.bay...lucky you to have such a spectacular sight...kewl.

thnks for pix...cant wait to return to older/newer surroundings.

We need more vancouver reports please ! i believe you have some west coast pent up agreesion that could be aired in public ? ;-)