February 15, 2005 17:35 | Travel

Getting out

I awoke, my heels on fire, knowing what I needed to do.
After washing my face and brushing my teeth, I called the airline:
- “Hello I'd like to change my departure booking please.”
- “Sure. For when?”
- “As soon as possible please.”
- “Today?”
- “Tomorrow?”
- “I have 8:30am or 11:00am...”
- “Let's make it eleven. Thank you.”

I am a fickle and sensitive creature of comfort... not a rolling stone. Mock me for this if you must but remember: you're not the one who has just spent the last 5 weeks inside other people's lives, and outside your own.

I am nothing now... but exhausted.

I need to go home. I need to sleep, a good long sleep. I need to find my self in my dreams again. I need to work through and remold my self with all I have learnt.

This trip has been extremely taxing; financially, emotionally, psychologically, physically. I am happy and grateful for having done it and the kindness shown me along the way... but now... I need to go home.

(Even if it means freezing my ASS off... brrrr... ;)


Welcome home, I suppose. Actually I understand, I travel a lot but the longuest I have ever been away is 19 days...and it almost drove me insane.

sounds like what I need to do, but in a different context ;)
Glad you managed to get home safely; looking forward to what ultimately wakes you up!

Actually, it's been quite mild here lately!

does that mean i have to give your cat back already? no more cat hairs on my couch? no more being scared-shit-less awake from the cat jumping on my bed in the middle of the night screeching in my face because her water bowl was empty? no more chasing her up and down the hallway in a vigilant and well-intentioned effort to get her to slim down? no more pushing her off my lap when i am trying to work on the computer? no more using her as a hot water bottle when i am watching dvds at night? no more listening to her yowling at closed doors? no more gleeful observations of watching her hiss, spit and claw at strangers?

hmph. you giveth and then taketh away.