February 18, 2005 16:57 | Travel / URLs

Google map this

Ok so we've all seen Google Maps in action right? Just for kicks (like I have time) I asked for directions from my place here in Montreal, to Aaron's in Vancouver.

Nevermind that it seems to be totally oblivious to the fact that we have the Trans Canada Highway which would take me clear across in one shot, and so it tries to send me down though the U.S. (fat chance!), but its distance/trip duration estimate is kinda funny...

3070 mi (about 1 day 21 hours)

Let's see, that works out to driving 68mph for 45 hours straight. Driving that fast for that long poses not only a serious health risk, but I imagine I'd get arrested a few times along the way.

Would Google care to factor in speeding ticket costs? ;)


I did a yahoo map search from MTL to Saint John NB- it advised heading through northern maine, via sherbrooke, then down some lonely maine roads to Bangor, then up to SJ- worked like a charm and shaved 6-7 hours off of the route through northern nb and then back down the trans-can :)

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