February 21, 2005 02:55 | Confession


Bopuc Bw Tokyo

A very rare picture of me that I can live with. Thanks Yuki.
(Sorry about the desaturation and levels tweak though... my complexion was really bad that week.)


lieber boris,
wir haben gerade dein foto bewundert - aber ehrlich,
mit deinem blog kennen wir uns nicht aus!!! was soll das?? eine art öffentliches tagebuch?? aber immerhin haben wir nun ein paar fotos gesehen (franzi - interessiert die "tante lotte"). kannst du noch gut genug deutsch um das zu verstehen? schätze schon!
deine mom hat uns deinen link geschickt.
liebe grüße aus wien
ein teil deiner europäischen verwandtschaft!!!

Very cool pic. Ominous and foreboding, but very cool.

did you wax your eyebrows?

love the babelfish of that 1st post ..


"rather boris, we admired straight your photo - however honestly, with yours blog we know each other not out!!! what is that?? a kind public diary?? but nevertheless we saw now a few photos (franzi - interests the "aunt lotte"). can you understand still well enough German around? estimates already! yours mom participates us yours left skillfully dear greets from vienna your European relationship!!! BUSSI"

wonderful !!!

sorry steve - your translation site is not too good.
my text doesnt make any sense anymore! but as you seem to like it, its ok with me.....

evi+lotte: Ich mag viel die original Version und die übersetzte Version ;)

nice shot...
the contrasting tones, esp with the eyes, are reminiscent of an old sci-fi flic, not sure, but it may have been "kron", where the bad alien dudes have really black eyes and if you happen to get posessed you too end up with the same pleasantries. and then chris carter from the xfiles seems to have readapted this same feature with some of the characters in a couple of the episodes...

followed steve here, and like it. cool pic - i love the contrasts. and you have damn long eyelashed I could get jealous on :-)

hello from duesseldorf am rhein

Ahh yes,

There's that Messianic gaze that I remember seeing on your face at John Abbott College....

You look like Che Guevara of the internet!