February 25, 2005 17:51 | Culture / WebBlogging

Tetsujin 28 weblog

So this is all in japanese but here's what seems to be going on: there's this movie, "Tetsujin28", coming out that looks like a modern remake of some japanese giant robot series or whatever.

And here is the movie's... blog. WTF.

This is getting absurd. Way worse than e-commerce and dot-com combined...


Really just a news page done with blog software.
Sounds like new opportunities for you. :)

Yes, pretty soon we'll drink a glass of water -- create a blog to discuss it -- make the bed -- create a blog to discuss it -- and most importantly, take a crap -- and create a blog about it complete with podcast repartee.


I think there might be a possibility of home-appliances-weblog-mass-democratization here in perspective.
I could open a weblog for each part of my apartment.

* my owen weblog, really nothing much happening.
* my fridge weblog, more interesting, sometimes appealing, sometimes a kind of chemistry war blog.
* my bed weblog, well the last 5 days were full of actions... well... not exactly, full of microbs I should say
* my bookshelf weblog
* my kitchen tools drawer weblog
* my living room table full of books weblog

Wow... I really think, that there's something to do here ;)

Boris! I thought you were some kind of Japan-o-phile! Testujin 28 is better known here as "Gigantor".

Hey Joey!
Nope, not a japan-o-phile. Just like being there. :)
Gees never even heard of Gigantor... :)