March 16, 2005 19:23 | Confession

Interesting concept...

Oh I really like this idea, alot, in terms of "something to do and a way of doing it".

There must be a market for outsourced skunkworks developers. You have an idea, you want a working prototype, who do you turn to?

Hrm hrm hrm.


Gen, you mean Man, I had to read 90% of their homepage before I sorta "got" what they do...

"Powering Services Supply Management! - Elance Enterprise is the leading software solution to help Global 2000 enterprises buy and manage outsourced services such as labor, IT, marketing, engineering, maintenance etc."

"Er.. ok? So what do you do exactly?" ;)

I'm thinking a bit more niche. As in "actually cool stuff for cool people, by cool people". Imagine getting a group of O'Reilly ETech/FooCamp people to bang out projects? That would be so... cool. *Cough* ;)

Sorry, I am so anti-corporate world, and I've been inside the corporate consulting machine enough to know it's 99% crap... just looking at that site gave me the heebiegeebies! hehehe

Funny that you should bring this up after trying out Tagsurf since essentially Tagsurf is a friend's idea which he gave to me to implement. I totally dig the idea of being able to consult as a rapid prototyper as well. Some of us are just better implementers, at least until we've been around enough "idea people" so that we start becoming idea people, at which point we can hand of development to new skunkworkers.

I like it a lot, now we just need to build a skunkworker community.

BTW: I love the preview below the comment! Farking brilliant!

Anthony Eden

This sounds like a good idea...

I should stop sending emails with my ideas and just published them with a creative commons license. Interesting or not. Here free ideas use it. Do whatever you want with it. Create it or dump it. But if you create it, I want the rights to use it freely.