April 11, 2005 01:57 | Confession / Technology

Situating a Google Map picture

I was just flying around over Montreal with Google Map's fun new satellite pictures. My actual neighborhood as well as the one I grew up in are sadly in more blurry sections. However I found this dreary patch of my life's story:


That my friends is the "technoparc" I spent 3 years in. I spent a year and a half in the first building (top, with the oval "walk") and then another year and half in the second one when the company moved offices.

The neat thing is I can date this photo. And I can place myself in it...

Techoparc Zoom

We moved into this second building almost immediately after it was finished construction, in January 2002. By the time I left the company in September 2003, building had been completed. In this photo, the ground hasn't even been broken for building number three, so this puts us in summer 2002. Why summer? Cause the trees are thick with foliage. Trust me, I stared at that forest every day for three years. (Oooo, lemme find the pics I took...)

Furthermore, I know that this is early afternoon. Why? The shadow of the forest; it would creep up to the side of the building by 3 in mid-summer. I know because I used to go out there, take off my shirt and read in the sun around 2. (Shhhh)

Oh, and yeah, that is 90% for sure my car. Judging from the amount of cars in the parking lot (and now knowing the period this pic was taken), this was when there were only 2-3 tenant companies in the building, and I ALWAYS parked in that spot. I could even point, through the roof, the exact location of my "ultra sweet desk complexe" (ohh I had a good thing going there with my desk... at least that...), but eh.

Steven, who toiled alongside me in these buildings, has a feature request for Google Maps: "the ability to cast down lightning". Hehee


LOL @ "My Car"!!1

LOL @ "take my shirt off and let my hair flow in the summer breeze... fabio style .... " !!!

LOL @ "take my shirt off and let my hair flow in the summer breeze... fabio style .... " !!!

Trust me, it wasn't that glamorous... ;)

There's something wierd about Google maps for the montreal area -- they're all upside down! No, seriously! Take any Montreal google map, do a screenshot, then a 180-degree rotation, and suddenly it looks normal. It looses that wierd sense of vertigo that you feel when you're looking at them as-is. Try it!