September 25, 2005 20:43 | Technology

nano cry babies

What a bunch of total hyper-obsessive morons.

1- Cotton does not scratch hard polycarbonate. Besides which do you really think for one second after 3+ years experience producing iPods, Apple would suddenly use "softer" plastic? Which, contrary to reports from these dingbats, does not get scratched by fingernails.

2- the nano is *small*, which means you are putting it in places where you may not have put previous iPods, or, in places where it now has more movement play due to reduced size. e.g.: your pocket with a single coin or *shudder* a key. The iPod, due to it's size wouldn't move around much in that situation and you'd be a bit luckier. The nano... oh yes that will scratch. (And if you're not happy with it, may I suggest another place you can stick it? Hrmm? ;)

3- things get used in this thing we call reality, they get worn out. It's a fact of life. Look, you too are getting ragged. Deal with it.

4- I have a 3 year old second generation iPod whose screen is hazy from wear. I can still see the information behind it perfectly. You're trying to tell me you put your nano in your shirt pocket a few times and now "seeing album covers and photos is impossible"? Please.

Baka. Get a grip on reality.

Biiig difference between cracked screens due to faulty manufacturing, and perceived "too much scratches" (which has always been a gripe with anal retentives and their iPods).


Perhaps they used a different kind of plastic this time?

A guy I work with has noticed "excessive" scratching from normal use (of a Nano) and i trying to find a cover for it of some kind.

Dude, Apple has admitted the problem:,3604,1580494,00.html

They say it's "minor" but that's just corporate spin. After all, they're offering refunds and replacements.

Ed: see update?

To reiterate:
Defective and cracking screen is NOT the same as "the polycarbonate (which makes up the entire faceplate of the iPod nano, not just "the screen") is too soft".

I have one, right here in my hands. It comes with me everywhere and I have no protective anything on it. It has wear. It is not "ruined". By any means.

Steve: this is so becoming a mass hysteria/"me too! me too!" thing... :p

I agree with the hysteria. I think it is a case of people's expectations being too high, and their over-association with the Apple brand, with, as you say, a good bit of me-tooism thrown in.

My Creative MuVo gets carried in my pocket with my keys , change, etc, etc all the time. It's scratched up, including the small LCD, but I expected that. It's also white, so it doesn't show too much. I also chose not to keep it in its rubberized protective case, since that added too much to the size. I wanted it to be small, darn it!

I blathered on about this a bit more here:

Thanks Ed. :)
While I am tad embarassed by the rantiness of my ... rant ... I really do think folks are taking it too far.

Rock, Paper, Scissor... metal scratches polycarbonate, not much else.
Oh and space dust. Lots of it. Falling on us, and our iPod nanos, at great velocity, all the time. ;)

You are right that cotton does not scratch polycarbonate. Well then "something" must be scratching the heck out of mine because it is completely covered with scratches. I have NEVER had it in a pocket with coins, keys, or any other metal objects so your explanation is invalid. Oh and yes, fingernails CAN scratch it and I have witnessed that. I'm sorry but this is not taking it too far, if after one week of mild use the thing is completely scratched across the entire front and back, then it is poorly made. Had I known of this issue I would have simply bought a case for it .. but it's too late now.

Hi JP,
Get a life and not an iPod then. You are definitly way too anal.

Fingernail scratching polycarbonate. That's a good one. "I have witnessed this". Sure. Yes, I have taken my fingernails to my nano and... no scratch!

For the record: yes, there are microscratches. If you are a severly anal retentive perfectionist, this may be an annoyance, but then breathing probably is an annoyance for you as well. These micro scratches are *normal* and happen to *everything*, not to mention previous iPods. They do not IN ANY WAY obfuscate the screen or controls or anything.

For all you whiners.. do yourself a huge favor: don't ever ever buy a car. You will die of toxic shock.