October 13, 2005 16:09 | Confession


So I caught a cold. I first felt the scratch in my throat last friday, but it went away and I thought "hrm, ok, good thing that didn't develop." Monday morning it came back and was pronounced. You know when you just *know* you are sick? When your body just isn't all systems go? I had to postpone my visit to Cambridge. Terrible timing. So much to do and can't get settled in properly to do much of it.

Now it is Thursday, and my throat is still sore. My nose is runny and I'm coughing from time to time. Ouaaaaan. :p

Yesterday evening I went out to my favorite pho place. Before going I minced a giant clove of garlic, added a dollop of chili paste, wrapped it up in cellophane and brought it with me. When my soup arrived I dropped the mixture in. Oh. Wow. Pho with a load of garlic in it is phenomenal. I still stink though. ;)


You had a sore throat, yet you went to eat spicy pho? Man, if that isn't suicidal ;)

Hey Bo,

I would recommend taking cod liver oil.
As old school as it sounds it works.
I haven't had a cold in a year and a half since I've been
taking it.

And if negative childhood memories make you
recoil at the thought of taking the stuff,
nowadays you can buy it in high potency gel caps.
So you don't have to even taste it.


Slush puppy (lime flavour) usually freezes up my throat pretty good (temporarily) and is great for a sugar rush... ;)