October 21, 2005 19:09 | Bits

Here we goooo

Bopuc at Joi's

So like... where is everyone?
(I will write more about this later... seriously weird stuff.)


do you have a blonde mohawk ?!

Yes. Yes I do. You got a prollem with that? ;)

Like I said, the psychological, emotional, sociological weirdness that comes out even the first 20 mintues yer in there, is astounding.

Do I make myself thinner than I really am? Stronger? I'm going bald, do I give myself more hair, etc...

The mohawk happened naturally. Once I did it I immediatly recognized the fact that I had given myself over-compensatedly more hair in the places on my scalp where it is thining out the most "in real life".

Also, for the record, i would NEVER wear capri pants. In real life. ;)

[smiling so much right now]

oh shit. this next few years is going to be crazy.

tried for 15/20 minutes ;) and decided to commit suicide. :) That was a short second life. :)

5- Warren Wilansky

looking forward to some insights...i know a few people who swear by the Second Life experience.