October 26, 2005 13:40 | Confession

It snowed on my birthday

Is this uncharacteristically early? I can't remember. I was walking around at 3am again and it was snowing. "Slushing" more like. The kind of snow that melts on contact with the ground. It was quite stormy actually; a transparent snowstorm in October.


Statistics of Weather in Montréal: Not impossible but unlikely. Usually 3cm in October, with a higher probability towards the end of the month. :))


Otanjoubi omedetougozaimasu!

I just saw your comment about snow on your birthday, and as your mother, I can tell you, there never was snow on your birthday!
I would see this as a good sign, something like a cleansing ritual, a let go of the past thing, oh well, just trying .
Love ya, whatelse is new.
I am back in my winter quarters (Florida) after a long exodus, read drive.
Wakeboarding, rollerblading and my life long passion windsurfing.
Hey, wish you where here, REALLY