November 8, 2005 18:25 | Confession


On my way home from my last dentist's appointment I got a phonecall. It was them. The first thing I thought, and in fact said out loud was: "This can't be good..."

Before leaving, the dental hygienist insisted on doing a set of X-rays since apparently it had been a few years.

"Well, you've got three impacting wisdom teeth and the fourth one is decayed. You mentioned you'd be traveling as well and so we strongly urge you to have them out as soon as possible."

They told me something similar the last time, 3 years ago, only not quite as urgently. "I'll call you back tomorrow and I guess make arrangements?"

That was over a two months ago. "Wisdom teeth out, yeah right. That'll cost me a fortune!" Well over a grand plus taxes for all four, not to mention the pain and time lost as I roil in agony for days...

My four little horsemen of the Apocalypse have been acting up these past two weeks however, and I'm getting nervous. Not to mention plans are afoot for a fair amount of "being away" in the new year.

Looks like I'm calling my dentist tomorrow.


Definitely get rid of them. I got rid of mine a few years ago when they were crowding my mouth and had already changed my lower bite a bit (I had braces in middle school.) It may hurt, but it would be much worse if you didn't get them out. And I can def. tell you that it would be more expensive to do this in most other first-world nations.

thanks Gen. yeah I think our universal healthcare covers most of dental, but not sure.
My main concern, after timing as I have to be in London in exactly a month, is apparently totally unfounded: possible changes to my face. We're talking 4 big chunks of bone coming out of my jaws! Surely that must change one's appearance. I can't find any stories of such though... but nor can I afford to get any uglier... That would *truly* be adding insult to injury, wouldn't it? Hehehee. :)

Don't worry about it - I had it done a whil ago and it's not so bad. apart from all the agonizingly horrible pain, that is.


but no - it shouldn't change your precious face any.

hehe.. bastid... ;)

Les jeux sont faits.
November 23rd.
I'll need someone to go with me...

I can probably give you a hand.
And if it doesn't go well we can go complain to Sternthall's daughter. We grew up together (fancy that).

of course this is going to cost you . . . at least 2 pho's.


Little stories of teeth.

I got one tooth (dent de lait) removed without anesthesia when I was young, because I was crying and pissing off the dentist because I didn't want the needle. He took me under his arm in the corridor and then “Ah you don't want needle, fine.”. Scratch. Done. I stopped crying.

Second story, wisdom tooth growing weirdly in Senegal during my holidays (1989). We go the General Hospital of Dakar. 5 or 6 persons in the waiting room. Someone comes out just before my turn and says “(Butcher…)”. I glooops and enter. I seat down and nearby a big metal needle with a glass syringe. Crack. A few days later, there was still a bit of jaws bone coming out ;) not an issue, but still funky. So I have 3 wisdom teeth instead of 4. It's why I have a bizarre accent in English (Hey, I have to find a reason no? :p)

You will be fine. (Evil laugh) ;)

Please report back when your wisdom teeth are gone.