November 11, 2005 22:11 | Confession

Je dors

La vie est un rêve
et je dors.
Les moments passent,
bons et mauvais,
puis je me réveille.

Je ne me souviens de rien.



The life is a dream
and I sleep.
The moments pass,
good and bad,
then I awake.

I smoke too much weed.

Close, but really you should drop the "the"s and make it "am sleeping".
Also, re-reading it now, I am surprised I used the words "good and bad". More to my meaning would have been "pleasant and not", which in this case is easier and more concise in english.

And for the record, I have not smoked pot in a long long time. It makes me ill. ;)

It's not me. It's Sherlock. Sherlock likes to fuck with your poems ;)