November 14, 2005 18:46 | Culture

urban street w[e]ar

urban street w[e]ar:

"Here's what they'll soon be wearing in the banlieues, les territoires abandonnés, of urban France. According to the manufacturers, the Sweat Anticon garment is "simple et élégant comme un sweat à capuche... Que vous soyez graffeur, moche, snow boarder, ou simplement super heros, vous serez satisfait par ca simplicité d'utilisation." Doubt if the rioters qualify as "super heros", but one never knows today."

[A nice little quote from Eamonn Fitzgerald's Rainy Day]

Bad joke, but neat idea! Zip it all the way down! Ninja!
Where's my credit card?


this is abraca-awesome boris.
"Mexican wrestling mask meet hoody, hoody meet mexican wrestling mask"
"Pleased to meet you, let's have babies."
I must have one now.