November 21, 2005 11:48 | Confession

Construction ahead

Yesterday afternoon, on our way to dim sum in Chinatown, Karl and I drove down Avenue du Parc. At the foot of the mountain, where the street bisects Parc Mont-Royal and Parc Jeanne-Mance, roadwork crews had torn out the sidewalks on both sides.

"This is what the inside of my mouth will look like later this week," I thought and said.

Today and tomorrow will be go-go-go. Between loads of fun client work, IRC meetings and travel bookings, I will need to clean up the apartment, vacuum, do dishes (you don't want to know, ugh) and laundry, stock up on groceries...

Groceries: basically, anything I can boil down to mush or mash up. In other words, fruits and veggies. Two quarts of "fond de volaille" (chicken stock) and I'll be in soups till next friday; bananas, pineapple, soft tofu and orange juice for breakfast smoothies. Oh and yogurt. (writes that down)

I'd hunt for a recipe for congee but I suspect that come thursday or friday night I will be stir crazy and pain crazed enough to stagger my way to Chinatown for a bowl made by that karaoke-singing resto lady. ;)

*Somebody* should lend me a stack of recently acquired DVDs too... just in case, you know, the pain is too much and I can't work... ahem.


;) around 120 DVDs in a caseā€¦ Is it alright for your pain?

what're you gonna do? hit me in the jaw with it??!!



You're going to be just fine.

It is strange at first to have those holes in your jaw, but they close up quick and in a few weeks you won't even have remembered that you had them.

A Hanoi informant has new info. The egg coffee is only available in one cafe above Hoan Kiem Lake. Now its off the menu due to bird flu worries.

So unlikely that your waiters will be able to whip it up for you -- unless they happened to have worked at that one cafe above Hoan Kiem Lake.