November 23, 2005 21:29 | Confession

They're out

So it took about an hour, 3 got pulled. The 4th apparently wasn't worth the hassle. Amen.

The pain killers are doing their job, but I feel like my jaw is wired shut. And oddly I have a headache from watching movies. Go figure. Maybe the percocet is wearing off... time for another pill! ;)

I cannot wait to have a normal meal again.


So your visit to Dr. Yukon Cornelius, DDS went ok?

Remember that you can always dump a plate of poutine into the blender.

Feel better and save me a couple of percocets...

I could go for a steak right now...

Glad to hear all is well.

Now, let's go have some caramel popcorn and beef jerkey...

Thanks guys. ;)

remember ... the blender is your best friend.
get well soon.

Some Harvey Birdman might help. Let me take care of that.

it's sort of like going back to eden, boris, everything gets so much easier.

No fair, you get painkillers?! I had two pulled out (as well as one freak eye tooth that was apparently a rarity, the dentist wanted it for his collection, he had to pull it out because it was overlapping the molar) and all I got in return for my hefty donations was one solitary aspirin and the bone-chilling sensation of my tongue inadvertently poking the deep potholes where the teeth used to be.

And a big bill.

ganbatte kudasai!

There goes your wisdom. :)

Actually, oso... I see them more as having been stoppers, plugs, corks. Now that they are out... well.. you thought I was a wise guy / wise ass / just plain wise before? Hah! Just you wait! All of you!