December 6, 2005 13:07 | Confession

What was I thinking?

Rough day. Long before the time I usually wake up at, I had taken my best friend to the airport as he moved to Tokyo, I dropped off some stuff at my mother's house, I drove by my old high school, got stuck in morning rush-hour traffic, had an allongé and a chocolate croissant (with no chocolate in it... a defect!), visited an office for rent on St-Laurent...

... fielded way too many work related issues, got one "so when are YOU coming?" message ...

... and decided to back out of the whole "new apartment on Esplanade" thing.

I may be sick of living in my current flat, but seriously... what the hell was I thinking? It's as if I had a short circuit and totally forgot a whole bunch of things; things that point me in the exact opposite direction of renting a pricey nice new apartment.

Sigh. Rough day. I haven't even had lunch yet and in one hour I am back in the dentist's chair to boot!

(Sorry Michael. I'm really, really sorry. I'll make it up to you.)


you'll be on the greek landlord blacklist for sure! ...

and on the geek nomad blacklist as well!