January 20, 2006 23:09 | Confession / Political


Well, no election for me...

Canada's upcoming federal election is this coming monday. By the time the polls open I'll be sitting on the tarmac on my way to Cambridge for 3 days.

"But you could have voted in advance!" Yup, had I know i was going to be out of the country. This trip was planned and booked on Wednesday, the day after the deadline for any sort of advance voting.

So I entrust our country to you fine people. Please don't make me come home to a right-handed majority! ;)


Boris, you are so wasted if Duceppe wins by one vote in his riding. IOW, I wouldn't worry about it.

2- Aaron of Montreal

Dude, even I managed to vote. From San Francisco. You are so not hearing the end of this. Ever.

Dude, what part of "locked out" did you not get? I didn't know I was out of the country until after the deadline.

Steven tells me I can vote anytime at some mythical head office of Elections Canada but 20 minutes on their website got me no closer to any clearer information.

Tell you what Aaron, just for you, I will pick up my phone and call their info line. Perhaps their call center is better organized. ;)

I know I know, you need me to counter Michael's vote. ;)

well, I gotta say I can relate ... as a non-citizen I have to sit by today and helplessly watch...

but, dude, at least i can say my inability to vote has nothing to do (for a change) with my own procrastination. ;)

Does yesterday's result mean that Canada will...

a) become USA (north)
b) build pipelines through all the nature reserves
c) declare Southern Baptism as the true faith

or will the NDP somehow thwart the will of the west...

only time will tell I guess...

6- diane francis

well, the election was perfectly Canadian: bland against bland won by bland. No problem, the welfare state is intact. The minority government must only prove that there's an option for voting purposes. No extreme anything and there won't be. It's Canada, the gradualist democracy.


dude... it's all your fault.


Hah. :)

Well, as I told a bunch of my U.S. colleagues this week (yes, it is amazing, they are actually so clued in that even before saying "Hi Boris! How're ya?!" they would look at me and say "Soooo... conservative government hunh?". :D

Anyways, yeah my response to one such inquiry was this:
"hey, this is QUEBEC... I can still smoke in bars, the women are still hot AND hot to trot, gay marriage is IN and everyone's pretty laid back. If a minority conservative govt is what it took to teach the Liberals that we don't like em when they get fat and lazy and corrupt then so be it... besides, unlike you poor saps, we can kick the Conservatives out more or less anytime we want..."

A bit simplistic and macho but eh.. it was in jest... ;)