February 10, 2006 17:37 | Confession

I forgot something...

My writings here have dropped off for about a year now because I seem to have forgotten something that had previously been a hard won affordance: don't worry too much about what people think of you.

If you've been reading me long enough you remember all my crazy way-out rambling on all sorts of topics. I've kept my mouth shut about such topics in here, for various reasons, but have found myself "letting loose" quite verbosely in emails and IMs and "real world" conversations a lot more lately.

I don't know what the reactions are to these brain-streams but you know what? I don't care so much. And I'm gonna start acting like that here again. (I won't do just that stuff but I will definitely start doing it more often again. My random over-wrought thoughts need out. Like my essay on how rough chopped meat/poultry/fish dishes--bones and all-- in some cuisines point to a deep-seated cultural understanding of distribution of labor, resources and energy...)

*cough* looks around nervously *cough*

The fine line is of course being regarded as a complete quack but I think I've proven to enough people, myself included, that i am not insane, that I am frighteningly intelligent, if sometimes misguided. ;)

Remember, my first "blog tagline" was "speaking sense to myself and non-sense to others"...

So there, I've said it. Deal. ;)


There are those who will always misread us, always interpret, and I'm pretty much we do too for others. But you are far to be insane or off-tracks or weird.

I know that you will hate the next 10s. You are a very generous and wonderful person. And more important for me than anything else, someone we can trust. And this is very rare these days. Believe me.

That said. I'm going away of this box, before you throw the keyboard to my face.

note that being insane & frighteningly intelligent are not mutually exclusive ;) but do post away....

Merci Karl. :)

Hugh, true enough. It's not a distinction I make for myself anyways... It's a bit of the fear of "THEY're coming to take me away hoohoo!!"



(btw: Your MT doesn't seem to want to remember me after each comment)

hey! thanks Patrick! :D
and why are YOU up at 3:27am :p

re: "remember"... uhhh really? what browser? FF? Saf? Works fine for me in Camino and Safari... :\ Got any JS console errors? :(

there must be something strange with the moon as of late, because i too have felt the same feeling about my blog and flickr. it has been more of a forceful purging as of late. sometimes i think we go through these strange ups and downs, blogging is sometimes healthy, a public release...but also important are those moments when we just need to delve into the depths of ourselves. these more private, intimate moments of thought must remain little treasures protected from public eye. afterall, we don't walk around with a glass window attached to the front of our chests bare-ing all that is engrained upon our hearts. thank you for your honesty...it is a gentle reminder to myself that sometimes we build boundaries up which every once in awhile need breaking down. :)