February 25, 2006 13:27 | Travel


tokyo itinirary

I had to do this. It may seem insane to take off now but I have to do this. The next 3 weeks are going to be off the hook as I wrap up old work and engage all the new stuff. I am really looking forward to this temporary relocation, and I am equally looking forward to getting back in time for CHI2006 and spring in Montreal.

Also hoping to hop over to Beijing and Shanghai while I'm out there. Might as well, right?


hell, that is great as hell. i'd love to be able to just take off like that as well. take plenty of great pics!

hey myke, thanks.

You know, I used to say the same thing; "I wish I could...". Then one day I realized: "dammit, i CAN." That day I began to reconfigure my life in such a way that I could live freely, as I wanted.

Kinda ironic no? I had to change my life to be free.

And now, I am free. Well, free-er anyways.

I hope to catch you while you're here! :) I'll be just back from a short trip to Taipei when you get here.

So do you have some *problem* with Southeast Asia, Boris?

Why only frigid Tokyo, Beijing & Shanghai when we have such nice balmy tropical islands and, er, romantic cities for you, huh? :) I mean, you're already "out there" right?

hey Joel,
funny hadn't even thought of that. Keep in mind I am *not* going on vacation. I am going on temporary relocation. I will be friend's futon surfing for 5 weeks.

I'd love to hit a beach in SA, sure. Make a few detailed cheap recommendations and I'll definitely think about it. ;)

Would I fit in your luggage???

Yoohoo! Cool. :)

I'm back in Tokyo in 3 days. I will start to arrange a corner for you :)

8- Jon Husband

Hi, Boris. Thanks for commenting on the SAT blog. I only now got around to replying, because .. oh, well, it doesn't matter and I'll bet you don't really care why.

I see you'll be away, but before you leave ,.. I will be in Montreal this Friday, Saturday and Sunday and I am wondering if you might like to meet for a coffee / drink. I believe you live near Cafe Laika, if I remember correctly what Ilesansfil Mike told me ...

You'll have my email address, up above. It would be nice to meet you.

Jon Husband