February 25, 2006 11:04 | Culture / URLs

Vhat ze heck ist zis?

I'm not sure what to make of this series of new Volkswagen GTI commercials: "de-pimping your auto."

Part of me is laughing pretty hard, but another is cringing, especially at the racial/cultural stereotyping: ugly rigid "weirdo eccentric" german guy pulling "urban street style" crouched pose and VW handsign while saying: "Vee und Double You in ze house, rrreprezenting Deutschland."

Cringe. Funny as hell, but cringe nonetheless. Makes me not want a MkV VW GTI (as if the fact that it looks like a rice burne... ahem... Honda Civic, the arch-nemesis of the VW Golf line, wasn't enough... ;)

Not that I am looking to buy, mind you. My beaten up 5 year old Mk4 VW Golf 2.0l is paid for. Amen.


He's wicked !! Great ad's and Peter is a WE guy - http://www.wesc.com/activist.php?xid=62
(he played a great part in Fargo)

I thought he looked familiar. He played the psycho hit man in Fargo. heh.

He's actually swedish