February 28, 2006 19:59 | Travel

Great neighborhood!

tokyo metro map precis

Was just looking at the metro map for Tokyo to see what some of my daily commutes might look like this time around. VERY sweet. Everything within reach.

Direct from Shimo-Kitazawa:
- Harajuku
- Shibuya
- Shinjuku (and from there up to Ushigome Kagurasaka of course ;)
- Akasaka

Within one transfer:
- Jiyugaoka
- Ebisu
- Meguro

Here's approximately the area contained in above Metro Map, in GoogleMaps satellite view.


We're throwing a monthly dinner at the lab. The 2nd one was tonight and while I couldn't attend, it sounded well-attended.

Note the last train to/from Jiyugaoka is around 11:30pm, so you leave sooner than even Cinderella.

Thanks Gen. Hope there'll be one while I'm there. :)
Silly Tokyo trains. They would double their revenues if they ran 24/7...

*oof* ... you just have to rub it in don't you...jeez!