March 6, 2006 00:20 | Travel

3:30am wake-up call? No way!

I just changed my flight and booked a hotel room in NYC for tomorrow night.

I've got a 9:00am meeting in Times Square and had a flight leaving Montreal at 6:00am. That means being at Dorval at 4:30am. That means waking up at 3:30am.

I usually go to bed around 3:30am... Imagine how useful I would be in that meeting if I did that.

So, I fly out tomorrow night at 7:30pm and sleep a full night's sleep. Worth the Times Square hotel rates, for sure.

Now I just need to know the best way to get from LaGuardia to... St-Mark's Place...


the shuttle ($15?) is a good way takes you to port authority metro stop; take S train 42/grand central; the L (grey) train to Union Sq, and then either walk down to 8th st (6 blocks), or take the 456 (green) train opn stop south to Astor Place - which is right outside st. mark's place.

If you're willing to shell out a few more bucks ($30?) a taxi will make that easier. I don't think you want to try public transport from out there tho.

you'll want to have a drink here, too, if you like dive bars with friendly bartenders & great juke boxes (no electronica here):

but other than that lots of bars all over the place around there, aves A, B, C especially.

Taxi it is! ;)
Thank Hugh!

crap i messed that up:
port authority metro stop --> S train to 42/grand central --> 456 (green) train to Astor Place.

also: did not mean to imply that you would be doing other than working while in NYC ;)

I will go straight to Yakitori Taisho, have some food and sake, then hit the hotel. ;)

wow. more day trips! i don't know how you do it... personally, i find putting pants on to leave the house to be horribly inconvenient.

Hehehe :)
Well, you know how they say "be careful what you wish for" eh?

"Wow, I wish I could travel like Joi!"