March 11, 2006 19:55 | Confession / Travel

Too much seating

I am doing a giant cleanup of my apartment before I leave so that my house-sitter, Steven, doesn't feel like he's living in my junk, but also it's just a good opportunity to do so, and get rid of a lot of stuff, if not just rearrange it.

For instance I have completely redone the shelving arrangement in the living room, and thus all the books that once were strewn all over the place are now neatly stored.

However I have a problem I cannot so easily fix: I've got too much seating.


There are 5 seats that never ever get used, at least 3 of which there is literally no room for in the place: an office chair, a kitchen chair and a single sofa chair (teak and black leather).

That's not to mention the two antiques, one of which serves purely as a place to drop stuff when I enter, and the other as dust-ball gatherer, perched atop my kitchen cupboards.

Brining these all out to my mother's would require two trips in the Golf... or recruiting someone with a bigger SUV/van type of thing...


give them to japanese girls coming to study in Montreal.

advantage? meeting japanese girls!

I'm sure Steven is going to need those chairs for the wild rave parties he's going to hold while you're prowling Akihabara.

Very nice .... !