March 21, 2006 01:20 | Confession / Identity / Social / Travel



on lies: a necessary and healthy feature of sociality is lying. Lying is a feature, not a bug. The great dream of a utopian society is a system where lies are not necessary; the great nightmare, one where it is not allowed or even possible. That said, realizing you have been lied to, can be... very painful.

Fumi: what do you want to be when you grow up?
Me: I am what I want to be: myself. And I never want to grow up!
(I was very surprised myself to hear these words cross my lips.)

When I am here, strange colors appear in my life. I have bought a pair of socks; deep red. I have bought an umbrella; muted orange. What next?



Finally adding some color eh ? Welcome to the game !

Lies, just as random as the truth.
Next colour: feverish red.

There is a professor (of Botany) here in Cambridge, who only wears clothing of a deep reddish hue (and is therefore rather easy to spot walking around town). Are you perhaps heading in this direction?

If so, just remember that red or orange trousers are a no-no!