March 29, 2006 20:15 | WebBlogging

Blogs and Finance

(somebody's gonna kick me for this one)

Rebecca just pointed out something very interesting. Google Finance is aggregating weblog posts with companies' stock market ticker symbols... and displaying the results inline with company profile screens.

For example, Secure Computing (SCUR).

Imagine you're an investor, you're poking around looking for information on a company you might want to invest in and POW you see, right there, in context, that people are really not too happy about the company's behavior/product/whatever.

This raises many issues, for sure. First questions that pop into my mind: is this automatic aggregation? Who decides what aggregated content makes it to the screen? Is there an editorial process? A voice? A spin?

Oh neato.. it also matches the release of more MainStreamMedia news articles (hah, and of course press releases--the workhorses of the manufactured reality machine) about the company to the point on the stock performance graph corresponding to when the article was released. Interesting. OOHHH! It's a flash app, and it is tied to the stories on the right! Wow. Michal, check it out!


I thought about doing that a while ago with Apple Computer announcements and their stock price. Damn, I gotta start listening to my impulses.

SCUR's stock seems to have taken a bit of a hit from this blog. =)

Julien: always. do. just. that.