April 19, 2006 02:31 | Confession / Travel

I am missing something

I'm missing dancing. The long late nights in little cozy sweaty lounge clubs.
The breakbeat, rare groove, afro-electro-house.
The uninhibited moving, grinning, flirting.
Till 4 am.

Oh, I will be home soon. Just no set date yet.


Free this weekend?
Most events I'm looking forward to are at the end of the month, but there must be something going on this Friday or Saturday night. I've got no plans, so if you're up for it, let me know! :)

Or, for the good stuff at the end of the month, check my href="http://www.chipple.net/mt/agenda/calendar/">calendar.

Oops, excuse that cut&paste mess.

Or, for the good stuff at the end of the month, check my calendar.

And now with the right link... (gomen!)

Or, for the good stuff at the end of the month, check my calendar.

You're kidding me, right?

Tokyo is a world-wide destination for all the major DJs, certainly moreso than Montreal. :P

Every weekend there's a bazillion events going on.

Have you been to Air? Womb? Ageha? Yellow? (and that's only the major house clubs.)


If after you have thoroughly sampled Tokyo's offerings for clubbing and you still prefer Montreal, then, well, I can't help ya!

Ok, you've set me off :)

Friday, April 21:

Ian Pooley (!) @ Air

Chris Duckenfield (SWAG) @ Module

Andy Caldwell (Naked/OM) @ Warehouse

James Holden @ Womb

Towa Tei & Yukihiro Fukutomi @ Yellow

Your choice...

I see that as a way for Boris to collect information abot places ;) Thanks Gen. That will be useful not only to Boris. I miss dancing too ;)

blizzarts was good (but quiet) tonight. summer in air.

thanx everyone.
I am *very very very* picky. I want a room full of free souls, not scenesters. A small room, not more than 150 people, ideally knowing at least 10% of the crowd. The music needs to have soul, it needs to make me, and everyone, move. Not intellectual, not pretentious, just raw soul.
It's got to be fresh, and new... and old as the world.

More than happy and interested in seeing a show with you again Patrick. And Gen I'll take you up on your suggestions. Pooley or Towa Tei? Hrmmm...

Hugh, you bastard. (though honestly, blizzarts lost that vibe years ago... Try Daoumé on a tuesday night.)

i know blizzarts ain't what it used to be (nothing ever is), but i am a creature of habit.


we should have an early 00's night at Blizz when you get back. J. Lamb is back in Montreal and working with us again. I know she likes to dance.

We should do it.

Come back. ha!