May 9, 2006 15:25 | Bits

Say what?

According to the Rosetta Project, which is "Building an archive of all documented human languages" (though judging from the casing of their banner blurb, proper english escapes them), no one in Canada speaks english or french. Funny... I though those were our official languages. The OLF is gonna be pissed. (Oh sorry, the OQLF now. I guess some french people complained.)

Also, no idea what "German, Pennsylvania" is, but I know I grew up speaking bavarian-austrian.

Juuuust nit-picking. :D


I wonder why French people would complain? Could it be because the OQLF has no connection with real-life French whatsoever!?

I doubt that the OQLF has any connection to reality, period.

Hehe. What about Portuguese, Greek, Italian, Vietnamese etc.... whoever compiled this list was not connected to reality.