May 16, 2006 17:13 | Confession

One of those days

Woke up feeling like cordwood; stiff, dead, stacked up and left to dry.
Bad night's sleep. The number of motorcycles and heavy trucks that pass down this supposedly quiet street at 3am is... remarkable.
The number of times a night "Bumbles" decides to meowl and tap-dance around the apartment is also... remarkable.

So up at 8am again. This I enjoy actually.

Three emails and one IM conversation later and I am not in a very sunny mood though.

Unlike the weather outside, which has been in a sunny mood since I got here. Which adds to my bad mood as I have cooped myself up in here trying to move ahead on work only to have stick after stick stuck in my spokes.

Today, I have scheduled no visits, no meetings, no outings: just good quiet solid working time.

Except I am in a bad mood. And my main dev server just went down. Thank you TextDrive. God you suck. I cannot wait for my Dell Poweredge 850 to arrive. Sigh.

Maybe I should just go out and enjoy the su...

Of course and now... I have a sunburn. Just no winning today. ;p
Whining, yes; winning, no.