May 17, 2006 06:36 | Travel

The kind of info

you're not likely to easily find online...

Where, exactly, at SFO is the FedEx dropoff located?

Searching FedEx's location finder, which requires knowing exactly which combination of checkboxes to toggle, produces a driving map to the airport. Useless.

SFO's website mentions postal services, but no direct bead on courier counters.

Searching Google gets me FedEx shipment terms to Canada. (Like it KNOWS I am shipping something to Canada. Creepy.)

So Friday morning I'll just show up an extra hour early just to be safe in case I have to run to some hinterland of SFO.

Unless any of you know SFO well enough to say "oh yeah dude it's right to yer left when ya get off the BART" or some such useful kind of info.


X marks the spot. When you exit the BART station, walk straight ahead. You will pass the International Terminal's security checkpoint on the left and, if memory serves, right after that there is a small travel agency which doubles as FedEx drop off counter.
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i'll try to find out. my dad worked at the airport for 34 years...i'm sure he must know where it is. ;)

thanks for trying Jenn. I did find it quite quickly, though I had to ask at the info booth.

When you get off the BART, go directly into the terminal; walk straight towards the Information desk. Off to your left and down a bit is a "Travel Agency" which also does the FedEx service.

Shipping the monitor to my mother cost way more than I thought but that point the option was to ditch it on the spot or lug it back to Tokyo (which I am damn glad I didn't do.)

3- cheesebikini

Thanks for teaching Google. Now others will find it quicker.