May 20, 2006 18:58 | Bits

About the fitness ball-as-desk chair

I'm about 6 foot tall. For a comfortable seating experience I recommend the 55cm ball, inflated to be quite firm; or the 65cm ball, left kinda squooshy.

They key being to have your knees bent at around 90 degrees when sitting upright.

That is all. For now.

Oh and I am back in Tokyo as of 16hrs ago. Very interesting neighbor, and new friend, on the flight. Happy as hell to be back here. It felt very much as a homecoming. Oddly.


今日は ボリス アンソニーさん
日本がHomeと感じるとは あなたは

welcome back to north america .. i can't imagine being on such a long flight. i go stir crazy after about 5 hours