May 31, 2006 08:07 | Bits / Confession

Thoughts on this morning's train ride

There are 6 billion kinds of people in this world...

Fast food slows you down.

It is incorrect to say "A was drowned by you and you were drowned by B". More correct would be: "A allowed herself to be drowned by you and you allowed A to be drowned by you, and you allowed yourself to be drowned by B and B allowed you to be drowned by her." The key difference here is that responsibility lies with all parties. Miscommunication, lies by omission, letting things go... dreaming, hoping... desiring... These are things we all do, naturally, normally, and must keep an eye on. Sometimes we make a mess. Clean it up and keep going. Love is love and not fade away.

"Para" in parasol/parapluie/parachute, parasite, paramilitary come from both Greek and Latin(?? some confusion here since all references cite "from old spanish" or "old french" which while latin based languages, also had influences from greek, especially after the Renaissance... Anders? Any ideas?) and slightly varying semantics. Neat.

Now that she's away, I will switch my daily schedule up, back to something more "normal" for me (not to say waking up everyday at 7am doesn't suit me mind you): considering I have barely a week and a half left here in Tokyo (yes yes I am going "home", June 12th... ostensibly...), and I am still inundated with work, I will try to work it out so as to ... oh wait no that won't work... There are enough people who I want to see before I go to be busy every evening from now till I go.. ack... drat. Ok I see what I do...

work work work.

My sister is in the hospital. I don't know how many weeks pregnant she is but it is way too soon. Apparently her uterus is too thin and her cervix is already open? She must lie in bed and cannot move, at all, to do *anything*. She is hoping to hold on at least 4 more weeks. I think this is insane but of course I hope it all works out for the best. Gambatte kudasai, Sofi-san to Maksu-sama!!


Actually, a little over 6.5 billion kinds of people in the world now.

Best wishes for your sis.

Thanks Steven. Meant to research that before posting. Scary thing is that I remember when I was a kid it was like 4.5 billion... madness.

The para- prefix in parasol/parapluie/parachute is from the Latin word parāre, meaning 'to prepare/defend/shelter.' Therefore parapluie literally means 'defend/shelter against the rain'.

On the other hand, the para- prefix of paramilitary and parasite come from the Greek preposition παρά, which means 'beside, alongside'.

Parasite is in fact of Greek origin, although its meaning has changed somewhat since it was first used: παράσίτος, (which literally means 'beside the food') refers to a person who eats at the table of another, a person who lives at another's expense and repays him or her with flattery, or my personal favourite, a priest who is eats at the public expense... ).

Hope that is of some use ;)

Oops. Also, I wish your sister well.

Just noticed that you and Steve both refer to 'x' billion kinds of people in the world.

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