June 11, 2006 10:57 | Confession / Travel

Off we go

About to settle into my last night in Tokyo. Three months. In 24 hours I am over the Pacific again, heading back to Montreal.

I feel anxious anticipation; I wonder how I will react to diving back into my old life, which now seems so distant from me. I know that I will immediately go buy my usual mid-summer groceries at Valmont. I will go have a pho on Cote des Neiges, I will hang out at Laika and go have a drink at Boa.

I will sit at my desk, in my apartment, eating a tomato and prosciutto salad after having taken a jog up the mountain.

None of these things are bad. They are, or at least where once, all highly enjoyable to me. But they are old. They are worn in, and out. Or so I think they may be.

This is what I anxiously anticipate. I *want* the routines to be broken. I won't know if they are until I go back to where they, and I, are from, and see.

And see I will. :)


See you soon!

Have a beautiful trip… around the world and the cool thing is that it's a sphere.

For me, staid routines and clinical depression are linked together. Then I realized only way to break out of both is to actually do something completely different, i.e. Argentine Tango (can't even begin to tell you how this has changed my life).
You can't just *want* the routines to be broken. You have to actually introduce a variable into the equation in order to expect a different result. If that means a new apartment, mountain hiking, taking up carpentry, moving back to Japan, whatever, then do it.
Complacency will be the death of you if you don't.

and *kerplooie* the little dream bubble goes *pop*...double allonge for me & you at laika while you tell me all the wonderful stories of sight and sound, taste and smell?

hey jenn ;) unfair may we have a creme brulee too? :p
and let's go have bagels :p

ping on arrival/settling - actually you must be arrived by now?

Welp, the routines themselves, at least the ones I mentioned above, are fine, and quite superficial. I mean... groceries, coffee and socializing. No big deal there really.

Been back for 12 hours now, spelt 6 of those. So far:
Everything in my apartment is faded. Everything has become an empty shell of lives past. I cannot think of a single thing in this apartment that I would carry with me anywhere.

Mmmrph.. bagel.. good... mmrmpph

Jenn you're here??

karl, creme brulee of course, how could i forget...and we never did get those bagels, now did we?

boris, i think mtl jazzfest and friends are calling my name...so beware!