June 14, 2006 17:39 | WebBlogging

Creative Commons Japan

So we just turned on the newly designed Creative Commons Japan website. There's prolly a few details to tweak and things will need to be adjusted in the coming months but hey that's what maintenance agreements are for! hint. hint. ;)

I had a lot of fun doing this site, not to mention quite the challenge doing an information architecture and information design (well, ok, layouts ;) for information I couldn't actually read! Thankfully Dominique was a hands on guy and dove in to help out with content and advice and support. Merci mon ami!

Thanks also to Gen Kanai for thinking of me and giving me this opportunity. Dude, one of these days I'm gonna have to sit down and finally do your site too...

Creative-Commons-JapanI also really enjoyed making the CC Japan logo. Simplicity is hard to do well, and if I may say so I think I pulled it off nicely, inserting the japanese just so and changing the color of the (CC) mark. Respect to whoever created the CC logo; simple, straight forward and totally powerful. Just my style.

Also, this project went so very smoothly, and that for a few reasons, all of which relate to the client being:
- involved, but not intrusive or meddling
- clear and precise on what is wanted, but "carte blanche" on how it should be done and look
- single point of contact (Even though I was in touch with a number of people during the project, one and only one person ever discussed details of it with me. Awesome.)

I really felt like a superstar on this one. Alright, let the bashing commence! ;)

(Oh thanks to Patrick and Stevey for critiques as well!)


Omedeto gozaimasu Boris san!
Honto ni sugoi!

Anytime my friend. Nice work !