June 16, 2006 11:12 | Montreal

How multicultural is YOUR city?

We have 6 processions of honking cars a day during World Cup here. How about you?
(Could also be titled "How many World Cup monkey fans live in your city?")


Lies. You said "two" in your IM with me yesterday, but changed it to 6 when you found out there are 3 games in a day. Now, 3 games usually means 3 wins and 3 losses, so you should only have at most 3 processions of honking cars in this first round of the World Cup...

Crist yer a pain in the ass.
I knew it was *about* two a day, but you *seemed* to have some clue about what you were talking about and when I said "there are like two parades a day" YOU said "well there's like 6 GAMES a day". So I was all like "oh... hrm.. ok I guess it's six then."

I don't watch this shoite. All I know is there are monkeys driving cars and honking horns here because Team X just won a "game". Retarded.

Displaced nationalism, fascist boot-camp training. Go team go! Beat the others. Drink our beer!


boris, don't be too hard… Ado is just Dutch. It's built-in :p


You live in little Portugal in MTL. I live in Little Portugal in YYZ...
Brazil plays in about 2 minutes. Have a look at what my 'hood was like earlier this week:


I challenge you to a post-off:
I'll post a video of what my street is like after the Brazil game and you can post a video or stills of what your street is like after the game. Then we can compare neighborhoods or have people judge for themselves which is the crazier soccer neighborhood.

Are you in?


hrm.. couple of issues:
1- st-laurent street fair is on right now so the usual really crazy car action ain't gonn ahppen and will be diffused to the side streets, which my street is one of.
2- St-Laurent street fair is on right now so the usual "shut down traffic on one of Montreal's busiest throughfares so that the brazilians and portuguese can parade their machismo" won't be necessary as they will simple walk though the 50,000 tourists on The Main today.
3- gots no video. still pics are no match for video.

I'll see what I can do but no promises. ;)


Maybe we'll schedule a re-match.