June 17, 2006 09:55 | Confession

Spreading wings

yhj crane - spread your wings
(written on thursday... i think...)

This morning I got a handshake for a lease to be signed this weekend for an office which i will take possession of in two weeks. It's 300 square feet, 3 blocks from home and across the street from one of my regular hangouts. I've already filled the room with 3 cool collaborators... and one part time (for now) helper.


You did say "go home now and spread your wings", right? ;)


this could be very interesting. ;)

Man, I was walking around thinking about all this and I thought "this is going to be surreal."

I am very much looking forward to it. ;)

what is home? ;)

I think I have a partial answer for myself, but it's not that obvious. :)

Spread those wings Bo!

I remember when I met you in college you were planning to take over the world. Now's the time to do it.