June 25, 2006 17:18 | Culture / Technology

Musical Nokia

I'm poking around Nokia trying to decide between an N70 or N80, but that's not the point.

I called up the Nokia main portal page, then moved my attention over to something else for a moment, and in so doing inadvertently moved my mouse... over the "Business Solutions" button... twice.

Two notes rang out. "ding" "dong"


Further ludic exploration reveals that the two green "Business Solutions" and "Culture of Mobility" buttons have the playful characteristic whereby sequential notes of a melody are played on individual mouse-overs.

Neat. I played with it for a while. I suspect I know who inspired this.


I was looking at the Nokia site 3-4 days ago. I'm considering the N80 myself. Pretty damned expensive without a plan though. (Fat chance of getting that one from one of our crap providers in Canada anyway)

or pretty annoying for the buttons ;)

/me "hates" sounds on web sites, because when you are working in an open space or in a cafe, it's a social annoyance for you and for others. two ways.

But I reckon that I'm a visual person and not an auditive one.

"hate" is a strong word.
there are better things to be annoyed about.

damn… I had put double quotes because I thought it was a strong word too, and didn't find another one at the time. ;)