June 28, 2006 21:03 | Culture / Social / Technology


Quick! Someone make a t-shirt for these people.

It should say:

"Non-conformity is the new conformity"
"zealotry is sexy again!"

("I'm with stupid"'s already been done.)

Pride is such a terribly dangerous thing. And too often people confuse pride in their work (what they have produced, with love and attention and skill and experience and and), and pride in their tools. (Or worse, instead of pride in one's society's culture/contribution to humanity, pride in one's rivers and lakes, cities and towns, laws and forms of government, ideologies and religions, color of eyes, hair and skin... etc etc...)

Pride yourself on (the quantifiable) doing good, not (the terribly subjective) being good.

/rant off. ;)


And they're all wearing pants! What a bunch of sheep.

what's wrong with rebellion? ;-)

Rebellion itself is of course "A Good Thing". Always question authority/status quo/etc... natural cycle of death/rebirth, precipitated by decapitation... ;)

It is when it has time to sit around and print certificates, develop a clothing line, turn ad hoc slogans into songs that make the world sing... well... then it's not rebellion anymore now is it? Then it's exactly the same as what it was fighting originally.

The true rebel moves quickly to fight the next fight. ;)
The wise rebel doesn't fight at all.

i need to invent an emoticon that says: "hugh is being a smart ass on boris' comment page."