July 2, 2006 09:54 | Bits / Montreal

Odd thematic concurrence

From the Montreal Craigslist "Pets" listing:

- Pet caretaker for hire (Plateau)
- 2 cats for adoption - moving out of country, please help (montreal)
- BEWARE: A cat killer/torturer is loose in Montreal! (Montreal)
- Sweet cat about 2 year old needs a home (Montreal Downtown)


Emma's ad would have to read:
"Psychotic clawed feline with experience hurting people, looking for cat killer/torturer: bring it on!"



or: "i love you. i hate you. come here, go away. now. come back. hurry. hiss. feed me. love me. i want you. i hate you. die die die...tempermental feline mistress seeks slave for mental anguish, torture, brief, ecstatic moments of euphoria. slave must be reliable, stubborn, a gluton for punishment and addicted to of nirvana, but able to suffer much between hits."

hrm. i wonder if emma knows some of my previous girlfriends.