July 3, 2006 01:17 | Culture

Random 90's memory

As the Wikipedia entry says, Tom Cochran's song "Life is a Highway" was huuuuge back in '91. It's a good song, really. I'm glad for Mr. Cochrane as it's getting success again, even though the "country music boy band Rascal Flatts remake for the Disney/Pixar animated film Cars" of it is... pathetic.

Sigh... early nineties canadian rock.


funny...we had a friend just the other day that text messaged asking if we remembered who sang "life is a highway" because, and i quote, "if i know the name of the guy, i am sooooo in with this girl that i'm talking to"...of course, we replied tom cochrane...and 10 minutes later the response was "score!" some songs will never die. ;)