July 21, 2006 22:10 | Bits

Video blog

So I've started playing with Vimeo since I got the email-over-WiFi from my mobile to work... ;)

You will notice the new thumbnails in the left side navbar on the homepage here.

So far, clips from the counter of a japanese restaurant in Montreal, in the middle of the Pine Exchange reconstruction and the inside of the BoLab.

Video quality is middling. Aw well.


You should play around with Filemobile.com. We offer mobile blogging, video blogging support, you can upload your video's by email, and we are just swell guys. Check it out. My entire blog is powered by my phone and Filemobile: www.hulford.com (Published by Typepad).



Sounds like you get along better now with the N80? So how do you like it now?

I just managed to not buy one today after I read your I-do-not-need-this-in-my-life-episode this morning.


Hi Miriam,
I should amend that post with an update. Yes I finally seemingly magically got it all working. Seriously, all of a sudden it just went through. ;)

It is a great phone though there 2 main issues I have with it: due to the slide out design, using the keypad and the navikey/softkeys is a pain. I find myself using two hands often in order to keep a good grip on the phone. And it is sloooooow.

Other than, sweet. WiFi is hot. ;)